Quick Start Challenge – Week Three


AGGGHHHH !!!! Week three !!! This autoresponder thing is going to make my head explode!

As you can see, I have managed to get a signup form up and running and it actually works, although it needs some tweaking. You could do me a favor and sign up and let me know the results in the comments below. Don’t worry, I won’t be sending you anything. The email responses are not set up.

But you’ll get totally free an excellent course on selling T-shirts online when you subscribe. Sign up now.


Quick Start Challenge – First Post


The name of the boat in the header picture is “Sweet Liberty”.  No, it’s not mine. Yet.

I think that name is appropriate for what we’re setting out to accomplish here.

My name is Neill and yes I’m an old guy (72), but I really don’t have a problem with that. In fact I think it’s kind of cool. I never expected to live this long. My parents both died before the age of 60 from cancer. Somehow I’ve managed to survive a little longer.

But here’s the real purpose of this blog. I’ve been fooling around with internet marketing on and off for a long time now and I’ve never made enough money to be able to call myself even a minor success. I got close to $100 a month from adsense a few years back, but then adsense decided that I was not worthy and they slammed my account. Sigh.

I do have an Amazon affiliate site that’s been up for three years. It gets about fifty hits a day and brings in about $50 bux a month on a good month, but usually less than that. You won’t find that site in the Google serps because the penguin ate it, or maybe it was the panda, who knows. It does, however, get traffic from Yahoo and bing and some other less well known search engines.

Oh yeah – I spent 4 months last year fooling around with squidoo. What a total disaster that was!

So that brings us to the present. A steady $1000 a month would make a huge difference in my life. My wife and I get the bills paid every month, but just barely and as everybody knows, the cost of living never goes down.

So with an eye toward changing my financial situation for the better, I’ve joined a coaching program called The Quick Start Challenge. It’s a structured program with weekly assignments, which I think I need – something to keep me on the straight and narrow.

The first assignment in The Quick Start Challenge was to set up a blog explaining my personal situation and objectives, so here it is.

Stay tuned – I’ll be back.

– Neill



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